We Reviewed The Five Best Dating Sites For Adults 2021

There are Only 5 Legitimate Dating Sites: Find out which dating sites you should be using

There are many dating sites out there. In fact, there are over 1000 of these sites. It is therefore easy to see that choosing the right dating site(s) is not going to be an easy task. The truth of the matter is that there are actually only 5 legitimate sites for dating. The rest of the websites are fake or scams only designed to take your money. If you use any other dating site except the 5 that we have reviewed as legitimate, there is every chance that you are going to get scammed. You therefore need to protect yourself from this happening. Read our guide and reviews carefully to find out which of the 5 dating websites you should be using. Online dating in general is good business. There is a lot of money to be made from the best dating sites. However, many entrepreneurs out there are not willing to go through the right channels and processes to give people a good product that is worth their hard earned money. Such people will create sites that don’t meet the bare minimum to help you meet someone online. It is important therefore that you discover which sites are going to give you value for your money and a good overall dating experience that you are going to be happy with. We have used a lot of these sites so we can categorically say which websites you should be using and which ones you will be better off staying away from.

Here are the top adult sites for 2021

Below are the results we got for the dating sites that we reviewed.

Adult dating siteRankStarsEmailsRepliesDates set upDates showed upDeals closedRead testimonialsTry the site
SocialSex hook up site1★★★★★18098251915Read the ReviewTry SocialSex For Free
EstablishedMen hook up site2★★★★18095201813Read the ReviewTry EstablishedMen For Free
EroticAds hook up site3★★★★18090181612Read the ReviewTry EroticAds For Free
BookOfSex hook up site4★★★★18088171310Read the ReviewTry BookOfSex For Free
AdsForSex hook up site5★★★1808115129Read the ReviewTry AdsForSex For Free

* Those dating websites were tested in 2021

How we went about our evaluation

We insist on taking a hands-on approach when figuring out which are the best dating sites. We cannot rely on word of mouth, other reviews or advertising. We though the best strategy was to simply use these sites ourselves. By doing this, we were able to get first hand insight into how these sites work, and how successful they were at getting us women. With that said we were very particular about how we used these sites as well as coming up with our subsequent rankings of dating sites. The first step was to of course send out emails. We sent out TWO emails every day for the duration that we were on these sites. In total, we spent three months on each of the sites that we reviewed. The idea was to talk to a bunch of different women to increase the chances of a hit. This is a strategy that we encourage you to use if you want to get laid quickly. We took a close look at the replies we got. We set up dates and used the number of dates that we are able to set up to rank the sites. The sites at the top of the ranking are of course the ones that got us the most dates. The sites that were not any good at helping us pull women are ranked at the bottom of the group. By using this strategy, we make it easy for you to figure out which sites work well and which ones don’t.

The types of women we went for

We were very particular about the types of girls we contacted on the dating sites. The top dating sites of course had more hot girls. Our strategy was to go only for the attractive girls. This is not a strategy that we particularly advice as you should cast your net wide. This however worked well for the purpose of coming up with this guide. Our rational was if you cannot find hot girls on the top dating sites, there is no reason to recommend these sites to anyone. If you want to get laid quickly, you should tweak your strategy to be more inclusive. In addition to sending emails every day, make it a point to talk to a lot of different girls. There are undersexed housewives looking for some hot action on these sites. Although we did not spend much time talking to them, we advise that you should. These women are quick and serious about getting laid so this is an area you should be taking advantage of. There are also vulnerable women such as the slightly overweight. These women are not particularly confident so any attention is a bonus. This means that you will have a good chance of getting laid quickly by showing these slightly overweight women some attention. You should of course also try to get the hot girls. These ones are a little harder to pull but with sufficient effort, you will be successful. If you want to get laid quickly however, go for the more vulnerable girls.

Here are all the dating sites for adults we DO NOT RECOMMEND

Adult dating siteRankStarsEmailsRepliesDates set upDates showed upDeals closedRead testimonials
SaucyDates hook up site100% SCAM★★180956621Read the Review
MySexHookups hook up site100% SCAM★★180130301 0Read the Review
AdultSingles hook up site100% SCAM★★1806522 0 0Read the Review
ShagAtUni hook up site100% SCAM★★180393 0 0Read the Review
UpForIt hook up site100% SCAM★★18021 0 0 0Read the Review
AdultSingles365 hook up site100% SCAM18010 00 0Read the Review
DateHookup hook up site100% SCAM1809 0 0 0Read the Review
OnlineBootyCall hook up site100% SCAM180 0 0 00Read the Review
Swurve hook up site100% SCAM180 0 0 0 0Read the Review
Xpersonals hook up site100% SCAM1800000Read the Review

Parting shot

Being successful on adult dating sites is all about using the right strategies. Online dating is fun so spread your net accordingly. Do not restrict yourself to a certain kind of woman. We all have our preferences but this is not always the best way to go. Date a number of different women for the best result. You would be pleasantly surprised at the kinds of girls that are out there that you would previously not have gone for. Make sure that you are indeed taking advantage of the opportunities that have been presented to you. There is really no reason to be picky since you are not looking for anything serious in the first place. When all is said and done, use only the top dating sites that we have recommended. Anything else is a real waste of time and money and there is no reason for you to take that route. We have offered a lot of information on how to navigate online dating sites. As long as you know what you are doing, you are going to be successful in the long-term. There are a lot of opportunities to meet women that you have never explored before and that are going to pay off if used the right way.