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Review of: UpForIt
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UpForIt users

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On 16 March 2015
Last modified:26 January 2023


According to our reviews, don't waste your time on this awful site. We DON'T recommend UpForIt

Upforit.com Review: Is it a scam?

We had heard a lot about Upforit.com. Unfortunately, it wasn’t good things that we heard about the site. All the same, we decided to give it a try. We did not want to simply write off a site from hear-say. It would also be unfair to review a site based only on what we had heard. We decided to roll up our sleeves and get down to business. We figured that we know all there is to know about online dating so if anyone was going to get laid, it would be us.
We have to say that our confidence in our abilities was short lived. To put it plainly, Upforit.com is a scam. You will not get laid on this site. Try out top 5 sites for casual dating if you want a real shot at success.

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Upforit.com: Why you should not join

Just looking at the site will be reason enough for you not to join Upforit. The web design leaves a lot to be desired. The overall layout of the site is cheap and tacky, and really doesn’t attract the kind of crowd what we like to see on dating sites of any kind. The graphics also aren’t much to write home about. We believe that they could have done a better job even for a scam website.
The few legitimate members that are on here don’t seem to know what they want. This especially applies to the women. They were rude and showed no interest in setting up dates in general. We were left scratching our heads and thinking what they were doing on the site in the first place.

Our Overall Review of Upforit.com

What we did on Upforit.com was pretty basic. It is what we always do with dating websites that we review. We started by signing up, filling in our profile and uploading some great pictures of ourselves. We were also very proactive in sending out emails to different women every day. In total, we sent a whopping 180 emails. You would expect that this is enough to get you at least one date, if not a full close. In short, we did not get laid for the three months that we were on Upforit. Any dating website that doesn’t give you results in three months despite using the tactics that we have highlighted on our dating guide should be scrapped off.

UpForIt.com real reviews A lot of users have tried UpForIt. Unfortunately the results suck. It was impossible to get laid on this site.We truly recommend you to pick up a real hook up site. Don’t waste your money on this bad site.

Upforit.com Conclusion

This site is a scam any way you look at it. There is nothing about Upforit.com that lets you feel like you are taken care of. The fact that you don’t see results despite putting all your best efforts to meeting women further shows that this is simply a scam. We spent the same amount of time on EroticAds.com and BookofSex.com and we got some great results. All in all, this site is not worth the effort or the time. Read our top 5 dating website reviews to find out where you are more likely to be lucky.