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On 16 March 2015
Last modified:26 January 2023


Book of Sex is a good dating site to meet adults and get laid. Review: Why it was ranked #4 is a great website to be on. There is no two ways about it; you are going to get laid if you use this site. The quality of members here is definitely worth writing home about. There are some classy ladies here looking for hookups without any attachments. If you are simply looking for casual hookups, this is definitely the way to go. You can also get more success if you use this site in combination with the top 5 sites. We insist on diversification as a strategy to get laid quickly.
The great thing about is that you don’t have to pretend to be what you are not. If you are not looking for a relationship, no one is going to want anything more than you have to offer here. Everyone understands and respects what you are looking for. There are simply no complications. The atmosphere here is great with some mature women to look out for. There are also some really accomplished women that will make you want to be on the site longer.

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Our Results from Why you should join

This is a top 5 casual dating website, which should be reason enough for you to sign up. The fact that you are also definitely going to get laid on this site is another good reason for you to join We were also busy working on other websites at the same time so the fact that we were able to get results is a good thing. Below are the results that we got on
* Number of Emails Sent: 180
* Replies Received: 88
* Dates Setup: 17
* Dates Showed Up: 13
* Full Closes: 10
We spent three months on this site and we were happy about the results that we eventually got. We were careful to send 2 emails a day to different women out there to try our luck. This eventually paid off and got things moving in our favor. We were able to set up multiple dates in no time, and get a sizeable number of full closes.
We also look at websites where we are able to get a good number of replies. Anything more than 50% replies is a good deal. We do not like to spend too much time trying to talk to women without things heading anywhere. real reviews We ranked #4. You should subscribe on this hook up sites. It works. You just have to click on the link: BookOfSex – Enjoy your NSA dating ! Features That We Were Happy About

The overall website design was great. There are some very specific features that we fell in love with on The main page is well designed and definitely worth talking about. Any friends, testimonials, flirts, messages and profile views show up on the main page. This means that everything you need is right there in front of you. You don’t have to endlessly navigate the site trying to find what you are looking for.
You will also get informed of members near you as well as online matches. This again makes hooking up with a great girl that you like that much easier. There are also amateur videos uploaded all the time that make the site that much more entertaining, as well as give you a chance to see the women that you are interested in for their true colors. You can really get a sense of the girls here from their amateur videos, as well as have endless hours of adult fun.
The search feature is also worth mentioning. They have a good range of options for customization and will help you get exactly the kinds of girls that you like. You can pick out everything down to the physical traits that you are into which makes that whole process that much easier. Secret Tactics for Success

It is important that you read the dating guide. This contains all the information that you could ever need to help you succeed with or any other top dating sites for that matter. There are also some specific tactics that work specifically for this site. One of these tactics is being a perfect gentleman. There is no way two ways to go about it; you have to be a real gentleman. The women here may be looking for sex but they are also classy and want to be treated with respect. Guys on these sites are failing because they don’t know the first thing about treating women.
You also need to take advantage of the search feature. If you know what you want, the search feature will help you get it. You can type in exactly the kind of girl you want down to the hair color and the search feature will give you the results that you need. All in all, the web design and features are all great on Take advantage of everything that the site has to offer by reading our dating guide. Overall Conclusion

Ultimately, is a site that is worth looking into. There are over 100, 000 members online at any one time so you know that you will always find someone to talk to. The idea is to spread your net and get as many women as you can. Hookup dating is all about meeting new people so do not be afraid to explore. Send at least two emails daily for the best chance at success. No one says that you cannot have it all in the online hook-up dating world.
Another thing you need to remember is to use more than one dating site at once. This also increases your chances of success. You will have more women to talk to, and a bigger dating pool to choose from. You don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket. By using multiple sites, you are leveraging your flirting such that you do not have to start from square one should a girl you have been talking to change her mind. There are plenty of women out there looking for a hookup contrary to what most guys believe. With this in mind, go out there and have fun.