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AdsForSex.com Review: Why it was ranked #5 Although AdsForSex.com is ranked as the #5 site in our reviews, you still have to keep in mind that this is a top 5 casual dating site, and a good one at that. Our overall experience on the site was above average. The site was fun to be […] Read more

BookofSex.com Review: Why it was ranked #4 BookofSex.com is a great website to be on. There is no two ways about it; you are going to get laid if you use this site. The quality of members here is definitely worth writing home about. There are some classy ladies here looking for hookups without any […] Read more

Eroticads.com Review: Why it was ranked #3 We were not too sure about this site and we were almost overlooking it. We are however happy that we did not pass it over. This is a site that we would definitely recommend. Eroticads.com is one of those sites that are a true pleasure to be around. […] Read more

EstablishedMen.com Review: Why it was ranked #2 EstablishedMen.com is one of the oldest dating sites on the internet. It is probably familiar with people with prior online dating experience. There is a good reason why this site has been around for so long. EstablishedMen.com is genuinely a great dating site that is worth joining. The […] Read more

SocialSex.com Review: Why it was ranked #1 SocialSex.com is no doubt one of the best dating websites that we have ever been on. Everything about the site is professionally done, and truly caters for dating success. Everything starting from the interface is well designed and easy to figure out. We web design on SocialSex is […] Read more