AdultSingles Reviews | Is it a Legit Hookup Site? Or a Scam

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Review of: AdultSingles
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AdultSingles users

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On 16 March 2015
Last modified:26 January 2023


According to our reviews, don't waste your time on this awful site. We DON'T recommend AdultSingles Review: Is it a scam?

For this part of our review, we will not talk about what is good about this particular site. This is because there is simply nothing good to say about At the end of the day, the only thing that matters if whether or not we hooked-up. The fact that we did not points to this site being a scam.
We know we are not the problem. We know how the dating game works; we have done it dozens of times before. We used all the tips and tactics that we have highlighted on our dating guide. Still, there was no result. To put it plainly, you will be wasting your time should you choose to join

terrible hook up sites Why you should not join

We did find some really hot girls on this site. Before you get excited though, you are not going to hook up with them. Well, you are, if you are willing to pay a hefty fee. This is something that we had to endure over and over again on We found some real hotties that we could not wait to score with. Just when we thought things were going well, we got a shock. These are hookers. We have no problem with hookers; everyone has to make a living. The fact that this site is full of them however is a problem for some of us who would never pay for sex.
To be fair, we have to mention that not every hot girl we talked to turned out to be a hooker. There is however too much competition. There are hundreds of guys hunting after one woman simply because there is such little choice. Even when you apply every single thing that we have outlined on our dating guide, chances are she won’t even get to your email simply because of the sheer number of messages she has to get through.

Our Overall Review of

The overall review will not be any different from what you have read so far. The site itself and the features are really not up to standard. We like to be on a well design site that is easy to use and attractive to look at. AdultSingles did not deliver on that front. The number of real attractive women on the site is also far too small. Most of the real profiles you encounter are hookers. Other hot girls turned out to be fake profiles set up by scammers. real reviews A lot of users have tried AdultSingles. Unfortunately the results suck. It was impossible to get laid on this site.We truly recommend you to pick up a real hook up site. Don’t waste your money on this bad site. Conclusion

We are not simply bashing; we are giving you our honest-to-god experience on the site. We spent a total of three months on the site and we were happy when that time came to an end. We usually have great things to say about sites that actually delivered such as among other top 5 dating sites. With however, we did not get what we were looking for. The best thing you can do for yourself is to stay away from this site. Be sure to read our reviews for the top dating sites to give you a good perspective of what sites you should be joining instead.