DateHookup Review | Is It Possible To Get Laid On This Site

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Review of: DateHookup
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DateHookup users

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On 16 March 2015
Last modified:26 January 2023


According to our reviews, don't waste your time on this awful site. We DON'T recommend DateHookup Review: Is it a scam?

We had mixed feelings about This site was a complete rollercoaster to say the least. We got some positive responses in the beginning. Every time we looked at our inbox there were emails from girls or replies. Our excitement was however short lived. We soon realized that there is nothing going on for Datehookups really.
Most of the messages we got were obviously computer generated. Others were asking as to sign up to adult webcam sites, which we frankly were interested in. We even got a few scammers in the mix. This made us apprehensive about the few seemingly genuine responses that we received. Even these did not translate into a date which makes the whole thing one big scam.

terrible hook up sites Why you should not join

There are many reasons why you should not join For one, the issue with the fake emails that we received is a real one. We were very disappointed. You will get your hopes up for nothing. It is better to know that you are not going to get anything from the get-go, rather than get all excited only to be let down.
Another reason why we don’t recommend this site is that the overall design and graphics are average at best. There is nothing about Datehookups that screams class or seriousness. It is a total waste of time if you ask us. There are also not enough women to make this a viable place to meet someone for a hookup or whatever else you are into. The numbers simply don’t add up. Aside from the fake profiles, scammers and hookers, there are only a handful of women who aren’t even responsive in the first place.

Our Overall Review of

Our overall review of is that this is a scam. Their policies are also rubbish compared to the top 5 sites that we reviewed for casual dating. For one, they are free to use your pictures as they please. Anything that you post on the site can be used for advertising purposes. The same applies to your content. What’s more, they have the right to re-word your content and use it as they like. If you posted that you did not like the site for example, has the right to re-word this to read that you actually liked the site. Such practices stink and have no place in the modern dating world. real reviews A lot of users have tried DateHookup. Unfortunately the results suck. It was impossible to get laid on this site.We truly recommend you to pick up a real hook up site. Don’t waste your money on this bad site. Conclusion

All in all, is not a site that you should join for whatever reason. Their forums have not been updated for ages, their web design and graphics such and the site is full of scammers. This site is not legitimate. Fortunately for you, we have found the top 5 casual dating sites that are actually legitimate and that you should join. Such sites as will prove to be value for your money by ultimately giving you exactly what you are looking for. In the meanwhile though, stay away from This is a complete waste of your valuable time and effort.