How to Make Sure You Close the Deal on the First Date

Adult dating can be tricky especially when it comes down to closing the deal. You want to make sure that it happens on the first night as much as possible. Just because she agreed to meet you doesn’t mean that anything is guaranteed. You therefore need to employ the best dating tactics to ensure that you are going to be successful on the first try. There are some things to keep in mind that will help you along your quest and give you a better chance of getting laid on the first date.

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A few things to remember first

Just because she agreed to meet you doesn’t mean that she is ready for anything physical just yet. A first date is however an encouraging sign. She already has prospects of sleeping with you, but it is all a matter of how the date goes. She first wants to ensure that she is really attracted to you. People we meet online may not be the same as meeting them face to face. She therefore most probably wants to make sure that she has made the right decision. It is up to you to reaffirm her decision, and let her think that she has made the perfect choice.

Plan the perfect date

If you are simply looking to hook-up, a dinner date may not be your best bet. It is too formal and frankly screams ‘relationship’. If you are looking for something casual therefore, you are better off choosing an after dinner-date. This is more intimate but less serious at the same time. A lounge is the perfect place to meet up for your date. Ensure that it is a place where you can get a private booth. The music should also be low enough so that you can both hear each other talking. An intimate setting like this will definitely earn you points and help you get laid. Being close together also lets her become comfortable with you and gives you a chance to read her body language to figure out whether or not she is interested.

About ordering drinks

Alcohol is a touchy issue when it comes to the first date. Ideally, you should only drink if she does. Also keep the alcohol to a minimum if you are drinking. You don’t want to be sloppy. You want to be your best. In this case therefore, alcohol can help you both loosen up. Just make sure that you both don’t drink to the point that you are sloppy.

Have an exit strategy

Finally, you need a good exit strategy. You don’t want things to become awkward when the date comes to an end. You can tell her that you want to talk more in a more ‘private’ location. This is a good chance for you to be charming and get what you want. Remember that she is under no obligation to sleep with you. If it doesn’t happen the first time, do not force it. Be graceful and a gentleman and count your losses. She may want to take things further on the next date.