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Xpersonals.com Review: Is it a scam? Xpersonls.com is one of those sites that we totally hated. This was a truly terrible site; there is no point in mincing words. You can immediately tell that the members on Xpersonals.com aren’t going to be real even before signing up and setting up a profile. The pictures on […] Read more

Swurve.com Review: Is it a scam? Swurve.com is like that kid in high school that always tried to be cool but couldn’t quite get it right. Apart from the genuinely stupid name, the site fails miserably at attracting a younger crowd. The web design and graphics are all wrong. There is no hot girl worth […] Read more

OnlineBootyCall.com Review: Is it a scam? We like to be honest and candid in our reviews. We have tested these sites ourselves, so you can take our word when we say a site is good or bad. In addition to this, we have mastered the art of online dating. We know exactly what we are […] Read more

Datehookups.com Review: Is it a scam? We had mixed feelings about Datehookups.com. This site was a complete rollercoaster to say the least. We got some positive responses in the beginning. Every time we looked at our inbox there were emails from girls or replies. Our excitement was however short lived. We soon realized that there […] Read more

AdultSingles365.com Review: Is it a scam? We have no doubt in our minds that AdultSingles365.com is a scam. We have reviewed some great sites in our time, and some crappy ones, but this particular one is probably one of the worst that we have ever been on. AdultSingles356 is not a site you should join […] Read more

Upforit.com Review: Is it a scam? We had heard a lot about Upforit.com. Unfortunately, it wasn’t good things that we heard about the site. All the same, we decided to give it a try. We did not want to simply write off a site from hear-say. It would also be unfair to review a site […] Read more

Shagatuni.com Review: Is it a scam? There were very few things, if any, that we liked about Shagatunic.om. Even the mere name of the website is enough to put you off. The target market already speaks for itself. If you are looking for a classy girl for casual sex, Shagatuni.com is definitely not the place […] Read more

AdultSingles.com Review: Is it a scam? For this part of our review, we will not talk about what is good about this particular site. This is because there is simply nothing good to say about AdultSingles.com. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters if whether or not we hooked-up. The fact […] Read more

MySexHookups.com Review: Is it a scam? MySexHookups.com is a scam if we have ever seen one. We have great experience with dating sites, so we can categorically tell you that this particular one is a scam. Our experience was awful to say the least. There was a lot that we did not like. Actually, we […] Read more

SaucyDates.com Review: Is it a scam? To give you a perspective of what SaucyDates.com is all about, we will start off with one big lie that these guys tell you. They claim to have a classy website. They even say that you won’t find any x-rated photos on the site simply because they don’t allow […] Read more